WildFIRE PIRE is a National Science Foundation five-year project that is an international partnership coordinated by the Montana Institute on Ecosystems and Montana State University that focuses on the causes and consequences of fire in the past, present, and future. Scientists from research universities and agencies in the United States, Tasmania, and New Zealand have combined efforts to compare how past fire occurrences have influenced climate change and what these patterns can tell us about the future. With the primary areas of study in the Yellowstone Ecosystem, Australia’s Tasmanian conservation areas, New Zealand’s forests, and Patagonia’s wild places, the project is exploring how wildfires, which are often devastating, are related to climate change. Fire scientist David Bowman gives a heartfelt testimony of the danger of catastrophic bushfire around his hometown of Hobart, Tasmania. As record bush fires continue to plague the country, the work of Bowman and his colleagues to understand the causes and consequences of these events becomes ever more pressing.

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