“Extreme Oasis” will introduce you to two alien worlds where organisms called “extremophiles” survive in some of the least hospitable conditions on the planet! Dr. Anna-Louise Reysenbach of Portland State University, will guide you first to the deep ocean floor, where super-heated water spews out of hydrothermal vent openings that are unbelievably surrounded by life. She will then show you Yellowstone National Park and its rainbow of microbial life that give the hot springs their beautiful rainbows of colors. Many of the microbes that grow at these extreme temperatures and pressures have had a tremendous impact in the fields of medicine, industry, and science.
“Extreme Oasis” could not have been made without the collaboration between GFOE, Montana State University, Portland State University, NOAA, Dr. Jamie Austin of The University of Texas at Austin, Bob Landis of Landis Wildlife Films, and Yellowstone National Park.


Ecology, Science, Water, Wildlife

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