A man with a mustached (Robert Sams) mysteriously emerges from the ocean with a briefcase on his way to deliver a report about the four Marine National Monuments of the Pacific Ocean. But his report is anything but ordinary. In fact, it is a hilarious musical tribute (with a backup band) that showcases incredible footage form these remote, wild areas. You’ll see giant clams, sharks, baby frigate birds, red footed boobies, sea turtles, Hawaiian monk seals, albatross, fairy terns, deep volcanic trenches, hydrothermal vents, shrimp that survive without sunlight and coconut crabs that climb up trees! The video shows footage of all four monuments: The Northwest Hawaiian Islands, the Marianas Trench, The Rose Atoll and The Pacific Remote Islands.

Produced by: Laura and Robert Sams as well as Stephani Gordon

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