Low-tech is the new high-tech. Take, for example, wildlife biologists who are swapping radio collars and GPS transceivers for a more sensitive instrument: a dog’s nose. A dog’s sense of smell is up to one thousand times more powerful than a human’s. But this doesn’t really explain what it means to “smell like a dog.” When a human walks into a bakery, it smells generally very sweet. When a dog walks into a bakery, it smells every ingredient used in the baking process, e.g., eggs, butter, flour, sugar, and so on down to that last pinch of nutmeg. Dogs are able to differentiate smells even in incredibly minute concentrations. This innate ability, coupled with an obsessive “ball-drive,” makes for an incredible partner in the fight to save endangered species. The trail is hot! Starring Finny, Carow, Peppin, Tsavo, Camas, Wicket, Alice, Megan, and Aimee of Working Dogs for Conservation.


Conservation, Wildlife

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