The Bioneers march on! Part Two of this series showcases the drama, the magic, and the beautiful chaos of the first half of Bioneers weekend. Is this a conference, a festival, or a “happening?” The Bioneers bring new meaning to the phrase “all walks of life.” Everyone is a participant. Kids pick pumpkins, legendary authors talk from the podium, politicians mingle with idealists and local activists. Meanwhile, the experience radiates via satellite from San Rafael, CA to over twenty disparate locations around the world. But the network as a whole is stronger than any single part. Some come for ideas, others for the music, and still more for the incredible local food. The Bioneers message is clear: the future begins today. Ride with us on the zero-gravity veggie-oil Zeppelin of imagination as we take you from today’s drawing board to tomorrow’s reality.


Art, Culture

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