Dr. Gary Strobel’s signature red stocking cap lives in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. Why? Strobel is one of only a handful of plant scientists scouring the planet the old-fashioned way for the next “super drugs” . . . the kind of medicines which may end up curing malaria, AIDS, tuberculosis, and other diseases. Strobel’s red hat is a way of paying homage to the long tradition of herb and plant collectors before him – figures known in traditional cultures as “medicine-men.” Dr. Strobel is a fascinating example of the unification of cutting-edge modern science with wisdom derived from the practices of centuries-old healing traditions around the world. Travel along with Dr. Strobel as he hops around the world, from the rainforest to the outback, on his latest round of collecting. Last time, Strobel discovered an organism that now helps supply the world with cancer drugs, what will he discover this time around?

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