The final installment of “A Dozen More Turns” sees Sam being airlifted to Bozeman hospital at the conclusion of two horrible days on the mountain. His recovery would take 17 days in hospital, 10 painful operations and many months of physical rehabilitation. Many of us love the outdoors and some of us are lucky enough to live in places where we get the best snow, best white water, best walls or best surf. But with this privilege comes the responsibility of treating these natural resources with respect. There is always the risk of something going wrong when you push the boundaries and perhaps the best lesson to be learned from “A Dozen More Turns” is summed up by Sam: “Don’t put yourself in the situation where all of a sudden you’re flirting with the 50/50. If everything goes right it’s going to be great. If everything doesn’t go quite right, it could be really bad”.


Adventure, Montana

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